Nevada State Business License

My Nevada LLC is a family owned and operated small business that files your Nevada Business License with the State of Nevada.

Required for Independent Drivers to do business in Nevada

What is the Nevada State Business License, and who is required to file?

State law requires that every person (this includes independent contractor drivers) or entity doing business in the state of Nevada obtain a business license annually. A business that meets the criteria shall not do business in the state of Nevada without the State Business License. 

Should you hire a professional at $55 to get your Nevada State Business License?

  1. SilverFlume is not an easy site to manage. It is not a 5 step process. If you make a mistake or misspelling, it will cost you an additional $200. This is a site for all Nevada business's and it will ask you questions that you do not apply to you. You might end up completing questions that do not apply to your business causing more headaches.
  2. You will get an emailed Color Electronic Original PDF copy emailed directly to you the same day when you hire us.
  3. The State fee is $200 and we charge $55 to process the Nevada Business License for you the same day.
  4. We are registered with the Nevada Secretary of State for your confidence.


Need to renew your Nevada State Business License? We do that as well for $55 plus the $200 State fee. Complete the form below to start the renewal process.


*In order to get a County or City Business License, you must first purchase a Nevada State Business License.


Nevada State Business License Example
A Colored Electronic Original of the Nevada State Business License will be emailed directly to your inbox the same day.


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